E&S Workflows and Standards

E&S Workflows and Standards On Agenda at ACORD

 Sessions on Progress and Priorities
To Update Agents, MGAs, Wholesalers, E&S Carriers

PEARL RIVER, N.Y. (September 17, 2013) – The insurance industry’s E&S Joint Working Group (ESJWG) will present in-depth discussions of excess and surplus lines connectivity issues at the upcoming ACORD Implementation Forum on October 29, 2013 in Boston.

Aimed to assist carriers, retail agents and general agents in boosting their ability to connect, these two ESJWG panel discussions will include:

1) Carriers & Lloyd’s: This initial one-hour session beginning at 3:15 p.m. will focus on standards development, adoption and electronic interaction implementations between managing general agents and insurance carriers, including Lloyd’s. ESJWG spearheaded an effort working with ACORD to deliver the first-ever excess and surplus lines (E&S) industry web services standard for general liability, and is now delivering an expanded standard that includes property rates and rating requests.

Recent developments from the ESJWG insurance carrier subgroup and Lloyd’s subgroup will be the focus of information presented by:

  • Greg Ricker of Sombra Technologies, E&S carrier subgroup co-chair.
  • Scott Good of Scottsdale Insurance Co., E&S carrier subgroup co-chair.
  • Tammie Miller of Risk Placement Services Inc., Lloyd’s subgroup co-chair.

2) Retail Agents & General Agents: From 4:30 to 5:30 pm, this session will expand on the prior session and focus on process efficiency and electronic transaction opportunities between retail agents and the E&S managing general agent (MGA)/wholesaler community. Recent developments from the ESJWG retail agent/general agent subgroup will be the focus of information presented by Lisa Parry Becker of William B. Parry & Son Ltd.; and Tate Tooley of Bloss & Dillard Insurance Managers Inc. Both co-chair the ESJWG retail agent/general agent subgroup.

ESJWG co-chairs Mike Roy, of Risk Placement Services Inc., and Angelyn Treutel, of SouthGroup Insurance-Gulf Coast will participate in both panel discussions.

Registration link for those attending because of the E&S sessions is: https://secure.events-registration.com/aif2013/?source=ES13.

“ACORD Implementation Forum is the venue where decision-makers meet to really push the industry forward on connectivity issues,” said Roy, who is CIO of Risk Placement Services Inc. “So for ESJWG to highlight excess and surplus lines connectivity issues in that environment shows we’ve made much progress. The ESJWG sessions at AIF will highlight accomplishments along with current activities and the input needed from agents, wholesalers and carriers. ESJWG invites any and all industry participants to attend the session at ACORD Implementation Forum, but also get involved on an ongoing basis and tap ESJWG.org for resources.”

“ESJWG has effectively developed standards and implementation strategies, while providing information and training for retail agents, general agents and carriers to better automate and streamline,” said Treutel, who is president of independent agency SouthGroup Insurance-Gulf Coast in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. “We continue forward on two tracks—implementing what is already available and developing additional tools for the E&S business. All these efforts can hasten business processing while reducing pain points, keystrokes, and errors and omissions risks throughout the E&S community.”

ESJWG’s overall objectives of in the E&S marketplace are:

  • Carrier standards: Focus on E&S electronic rating transactions between general agents and carriers, work toward standards adoption with ACORD, and drive implementation of standards with service providers, general agents and carriers.
  • Retail agent/general agent (RA/GA) interface: Concentrate on data transmission streams to/from RA systems to/from GA systems with emphasis on automating the flow of data.
  • Lloyds: Jointly develop global standards.

About The E&S Joint Working Group (ESJWG): Formed in 2008, the group is an alliance of carriers, agents and vendors working with the American Association of Managing General Agents (AAMGA), ACORD, Agents Council for Technology (ACT) of the Independent Agents & Brokers of America, and the National Association of Professional Surplus Lines Offices (NAPSLO). ESJWG’s mission is to improve the efficiencies for retail agents, general agents, wholesale brokers and carriers by promoting use of ACORD standards, best-practice workflows and the electronic exchange of data among each of the business partners. The group comprises retail agent/general agent, carrier and Lloyd’s subgroups. www.ESJWG.org

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